The Triangle Inquiry Group gathers together for meditation, self-Inquiry, and spiritual discussion at 7:15 pm on Wednesday evenings in Raleigh (near NCSU). The group has evolved from meetings started almost twenty years ago when friends with the same questions began to meet every week to discuss their spiritual paths and the road to awakening. The members of the original group were students of the West Virginia Zen Master Richard Rose, but the gathering soon began to attract others of like mind with the same perplexing questions and the desire to not just know truth, but to become Truth.

About the Meetings

The meetings start with a short silent sitting meditation. We then invite any participant to open with a question or inquiry relating to their spiritual journey and process. This allows the group to serve in a kind of “group-assisted inquiry”, which often provides a more objective ‘mirror’ for the individual to identify limiting beliefs than individual inquiry alone. Participants also share new insights, practices, or wisdoms they feel are relevant and helpful. Extended periods of silence sometimes occur and are welcomed as a rich source of inspiration.

It is our hope that those gathered always feel safe and free to share anything they are moved to share. The primary intention of the meetings is to assist those on this path in seeing patterns of mind, and in exposing deeply-seated beliefs about one’s identity; and to strip away the layers that cover over that from which this longing for Truth springs. In a safe group holding this shared intention, powerful openings can occur as obscuring beliefs fall away.

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